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5 in 1 Ultrasound Cavitation Machine RF Treatment Operation Instruction

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  • Sat, Aug 04, 18
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Ultrasound Cavitation machine RF treatment


Over the last decade, both 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation and 5MHz Radio Frequency have been found to be quite powerful in fat reducing and waist line reduction. Bringing both treatments together will make the outcomes a lot better and longer lasting. To meet this dynamic need, the machines are developed with Ultrasound Cavitation feature and RF feature. Further detailed features are also enhanced to fit for the operation region, such as body RF probe, face RF probe, etc. Some machines may also mix the features like BIO Microcurrent, Vacuum Massage Reshaper, etc. The combinations are known to encourage the results. Moreover, it also helps the SPA owners downside their budget in the investment but can even carry out more treatments.


But here comes the major question: How to use Ultrasound Cavitation Machine to shed extra fat and what is the correct sequence to employ all those features? Let's first check on what features are shared.


The most prevalent system is available in the 5-in-1 Ultrasound Cavitation RF machine. But each version of 5-in-1 system may have alteration in the grouping of those 5 features. However, it essentially can be arranged into 2 types. Now let's examine the operation instruction of each version.




-Ultrasound Cavitation Probe is to shed fat cells so as to destroy the fast deposit


-Vacuum Head is to realign the body contour and smooth cellulite orange peel in case of even improper skin surface


-Body RadioFrequency (multipolar) Probe is to encourage fat metabolism and dissolve fat and also endorse collagen to constrict body skin


-Facial RF(bipolar) Probe is to promote facial collagen to stiffen the skin and eradicate fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pores


-Microcurrent Face Lift Wand is to promote bioactivities to improvise nutrition absorption, sponsor collagen and EGF and repair, regular oiling


At a time when advanced techniques like far infrared sauna blanket are being used, relying on such a next-gen machine is not a miracle.


For a well-experienced esthetician, practised skills are a prerequisite. It not only ensures you are professional and reliable, but also guarantees improved results.


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