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How To Regulate Your Diet And Activities During Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment

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  • Tue, Aug 28, 18
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Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment


Buying an ultrasonic fat cavitation machine is extremely easy now. You can check the ultrasonic cavitation machine’s price  online and buy it from a credible source such as ‘Jeune Essentials’ which offers all kinds of health products and equipment.


Besides, it is extremely easy to use the cavitation machine too. You can follow the simple procedure from the manual.


However, what nobody informs you is the kind of diet procedure that you should follow during the cavitation treatment process and the ones necessary afterwards.


Here we have brought for you some of the most effective diet and activity methods which you can follow to get good results in your ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment process.


During The Treatment:


You could have bought the ultrasonic cavitation machine for weight loss. If so, you need to keep track of some specific measures as under:


General Instructions:


  • Ensure to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water before you use the equipment and 2 liters more after the treatment in the entire day.
  • Do not count your tea, coffee, wine, juice, soft drinks, soda or other drinks as water. Water means specifically water.
  • Avoid any kind of hard drinks or caffeinated drinks after you take the treatment, at least for 48 hours.
  • Avoid hot shower, sauna or spa right after you take the treatment. Warm water bath is considerable.
Healthy Diet:


When you wish to lose your fat, accumulating more simultaneously would never help you. Due to this, it is essential to ensure a diet with only healthy fats, low sugar, and low starch to obtain the best outcomes.


Besides, make sure you do not consume anything at least 2 hours before the treatment and one hour after the treatment.




It is advised to exercise your body at least for 20 minutes after you take the ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment. This would stimulate the lymphatic movement.


You can also dry brush your skin once every day, which too stimulates the lymph movement. Ask a therapist about it.


After The Treatment:


Healthy Diet:


After you obtain the desired results out of the treatment, you are still not allowed to go with starch and fat-laden diets. Instead, you can choose healthier alternatives such as fruits and nuts etc.


Replace your white bread and pasta with whole grain products and include lots of veggies in your diet.




After you obtain the treatment, you need to join a gym and shed sweat to sustain the results you obtain. Instead, a daily walk of 20 minutes and few other light exercises can serve the purpose for you.


Enough Sleep:


When you do not take enough sleep, you lack the energy required for daily activities and tend to take unhealthy food.


Due to this, it is essential to get enough sleep so that you have enough energy to exercise and get yourself a healthy diet.


These are some of the ways to regulate your diet and ensure healthy activities during and after the ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment.


And if you are looking to buy a reliable ultrasonic machine for losing your fat, you can easily order it online from ‘Jeune Essentials’ which is one of the premier online stores for high-quality health equipment.


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