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Infrared Sauna And Its Benefits To The Human Body

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Infrared Sauna

When you hear the term ‘sauna’ it sounds something really familiar; isn’t it?


Well, the term might transfer you to a world full of people, who have nothing but a towel tied neatly around their body. And additionally, you might also imagine them perspiring.


Does it sound so simple? If so, you ought to know that saunas are a lot more than this and way too old that you would have thought of.


Here, we would discuss a bit about one of the most prevalent healthcare technique known as sauna and we would see how infrared sauna benefits the human body.


Our entire stuff would revolve around the following major heads:


  • An Introduction To Sauna
  • A Bit From The History Books
  • What Are Infrared Saunas?
  • How Infrared Saunas Work?
  • Best Benefits Of Infrared Sauna
  • Guidelines For Best infrared Sauna Results


Let us begin our discussion in a bit detail:


An Introduction To Sauna:


Steam SaunaA sauna (also known as sudatory) is a room or a facility, which you readily take (or visit) to experience heat and this heat leads to perspiration (sweat from the body, as already mentioned).



The sauna or heat therapy is said to offer hoards of benefits to the body and could be in two major forms:


  • Wet Sauna: Where water is heated to form steam and this leads to perspiration
  • Dry Sauna: Where you do not experience any steam, but dry heat to perspire


The infrared sauna, which is our major point of discussion, is basically a dry heat session and this has lots of paybacks too.


A Bit From The History Books:


You would be surprised to hear that saunas have been existent in the human culture for the past thousand years.




In fact, it’s the Finnish natives that discovered this technique- not intending to prevent disorders- but to keep their body warm in the chilly winters.


Traditionally, the Finnish people used stones to heat them on fire (made from wood). After this, they poured water over the stones to develop steam and this steam was enough to heat up the entire enclosed area.


The most primitive saunas known to the humans were dug alongside the mountains and the aim was to create an enclosed space which could trap heat.


As a proof, you could see the still existent saunas in Guatemala and Mexico. In these regions, this is named as Temazcals.  


What Are Infrared Saunas?

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas (also known as Far Infrared Saunas or FIR) are one of the newest techniques of dry heat therapy to the body.


This technique uses the invisible infrared light waves which are known to increase the heat. The waves penetrate deep into the human body- to the tissues and muscles and trigger the mitochondrial action.


And needless to mention, this trigger from the cellular level is one of the safest, affordable and highly effective methods to detoxify your body and improve its functioning.


How Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared Sauna workInfrared saunas could be obtained in hoards of types. You could either get saunas from sauna rooms, or nowadays, there are various convenient and portable products such as infrared sauna blankets, available to get the heat therapy easily.


While you seat yourself in the room or wrap yourself in the blanket, you experience the rays falling on to your body.


And though the temperature from this is not too extreme, you would sweat profusely while taking the therapy.


As aforementioned, the heat rays penetrate deep into the body and detoxify you from within. Also, the heating levels are variable and the heat is much less as compared to the traditional methods.


However, it is always effective to benefit your body.


Best Benefits Of Infrared Saunas:


By all above, you might have got at least a basic idea of what infrared sauna really is and how it has evolved from the traditional to modern techniques.


Now, let us discuss the benefits of Infrared sauna which you could obtain in each session of your heat therapy:


  • Improving Your Skin and Beauty:


Care to enhance your skin tone and flush out the aging effects? Infrared sauna could help.


This is the heat therapy that helps in dilating the blood vessels and thus increasing the blood circulation.


As a result, the blood is able to deliver more of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, making its soft, supple, firm (i.e. wrinkle-free) and fairer than before.


Thus, infrared sauna could enhance the health of human skin and turn it aesthetically pleasing.


  • Boosting Your Immune System:


Before we head to this, let us know a few facts:


  • At a given moment, an average human being carries about 700 distinct pollutants (including pesticides, PCBs, GMOs, environmental pollution & toxic metals) in his or her body. And not only grownups, even the infants are found to have about 200 pollutants. (source 1, source 2)
  • The chemical producing companies are not obligatory to study the long-term effects of the chemicals and hence they do not care.


However, even with this, the human body does not get ill easily and this is due to the immune system of the body. The immune organs and fluids help to suppress the attacks of these pollutants and keep the body healthy.


And when you use an infrared sauna, this helps to detoxify your body of the toxins and decrease the burden on your immune system.


Consequently, you feel lighter and happier.


  • Improving Heart Functioning:


As per the studies, infrared sauna therapy has well-researched and verified benefits for the human heart.


Infrared sauna helps to reduce the risk of cardiac arrests, coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, blood pressure troubles and hoards of others.


Plus, this heat therapy enhances the blood flow and regulates the heartbeat in the humans.


  • Most Desired- Weight Reduction:


If you have been long suffering due to obesity and overweight troubles, here is a good news for you.


As per the researches, just half-an-hour session of an infrared sauna is effective to burn about 600 calories in your body.


Thus, infrared sauna could help you a great deal in lessening your body weight and resolving the other troubles that are related to it.


  • Alleviating Normal And Arthritic Pains:


One of the most beneficial attributes of infrared sauna therapy is its ability to reduce pain in the human body.


Researches show that you could get rid of acute and chronic pains in your body parts such as back, shoulders, joints, and knee etc.


Besides, the therapy also offers a deep relief to the arthritic patients, reducing the stiffness, fatigue, inflammations, and pain in their body.


  • Increases Metabolism:


Infrared sauna therapy might also be referred as the passive cardio since it tends to enhance the body metabolism.


And this is one of the major reasons why the therapy helps in reduction of human body weight. Increase in metabolism also enhances the heart functioning, offering benefits similar to a kind of workout.


  • Reduction Of Stress and Fostering Mental Wellness:


Each and every person on this earth- right from a preschool child to an overaged adult- all of them possess some or the other kind of mental stress.


And infrared sauna could be one of the most effective ways to reduce the stress in your body and foster well-being.


When the body is exposed to heat, the cortisol levels tend to rise a bit. But as soon as you exit the sauna effect, the levels get dropped immediately and thus offers a relaxed feeling to your mind and body.


Besides, sauna also triggers the release of ‘feel-good’ hormones such as serotonin and dopamine in the body, which help to relieve the nerves and offer calmness.


  • Enhanced Cognitive Functioning:


Infrared sauna benefits the cognitive functioning in the following ways:



  • Wound Healing:


As per a research by NASA, infrared rays foster the growth of tissues and enhance cell regeneration process.


Due to this, it is really very effective in the healing of burns and wounds by enhancing the growth of dermal tissues.


  • Improving Sleep and Overall Wellness:


Since the infrared sauna therapy has various physical, mental and emotional benefits, it helps in offering a better sleep at night.


And as per the American Sleep Association, sauna is assistive in increasing the slow wave sleep, often known as deep sleep.


These are some of the best benefits of infrared sauna therapy which the human beings could obtain readily. However, this heat therapy is effective enough when you follow some guidelines. Read along to know them.


Guidelines For Best Infrared Sauna Results:


Some of the best methods you could follow to get the best results from infrared sauna therapy are as follows:


  • Infrared sauna sessions should be limited to about 20 to 25 minutes
  • If you get enclosed infrared systems or infrared blankets, follow all the manufacturer instructions and warnings.
  • Avoid using medications and never drink alcohol during the heat session. All these might impair the perspiration.
  • If you have fever or feeling ill due to any other reason, avoid taking infrared sauna
  • If in the midst of a session you suddenly start feeling unwell, exit the heat therapy immediately
  • Keep your body fully hydrated before you take sauna sessions
  • Remove your metallic or liquid-sensitive jewelry products and accessories prior to taking the session.


Keep track of the above minute details and your infrared sauna sessions would turn out to be a really fruitful experience. You get to detoxify your body and get a better, refined inner self which remains free from disorders and performs better in the long run.


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