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Some Unknown Benefits Of Biotin For The Human Body

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  • Wed, Jul 04, 18
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Till now, you would have heard of Biotin or Vitamin H or Vitamin B7 offering only a few outer body benefits only. For instance, people used supplements with biotin for hair and nails disorder resolution.


However, biotin and its supplements are a lot more than this. And besides rejuvenating the health of your hair, skin and nails, biotin has lots of other benefits for the human body which are as follows:


  • Heart Protection:


Biotin functions to reduce the artery thickness and this helps to reduce the blood pressure of the human body.


Plus, they also function to lower the bad cholesterol levels, preventing inflammations, stokes and thereby lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Weight Loss:


Biotin, in combination with the mineral chromium, is helpful in reducing the level of triglycerides which aid the loss of extra body weight.


Studies also suggest that consumption of biotin increases the metabolic rate of the body and this helps to break down the fat much faster.


  • Brain Functioning:


Biotin aids in the formation of myelin sheath- the fatty substance that covers the nerves and fosters a communication between the brain and nerves.


In fact, a lack in the amount of adequate biotin content can damage the myelin sheath and lead to a condition known as multiple sclerosis. But even if this happens, you can consume biotin supplements and get the disorder reversed effectively.


  • Tissue and Muscle Repair:


Biotin, being a B-complex vitamin, helps the human body to metabolize the proteins and amino acids. With this, it fosters the repair of muscles and also helps in formation of new ones.


Besides, biotin also helps to metabolize glucose in the human body and provides the required energy to the growing cells and tissues etc.


  • Boosting Immunity:


You may not be aware of this but biotin in also essential for production of WBCs or White Blood Cells which are mandatory to provide immunity to the human body.


When the level of biotin decreases, the process of antibody synthesis decreases too, offering a chance to the foreign bodies to hurt the human body.


  • For Pregnant Ladies:


Biotin supports embryonic growth and is a very essential nutrient to be taken during pregnancy. In fact, the amount of biotin requisite for the females rises much when they are pregnant of lactating.


So all in all, the benefits of this nutrient are not restricted to the outer human appearance and biotin benefits hair, skin and nails of the humans in a similar manner just as it benefits the other body parts.


If you get diagnosed with the lack of this mineral, do not worry. There are some really efficient biotin supplements that assist the human body and you can get them with the prior advice of your physician.


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