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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation vs. Cryolipolysis: Which Is Better For Losing Fat

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  • Thu, Oct 25, 18
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Cavitation vs. Cryolipolysis

Both the ultrasonic fat cavitation and cryolipolysis have been approved by the FDA and are suitable to reduce your body fat, thereby reducing your weight.


However, where the working of both these procedures is concerned, both are equally opposite in their mechanism.


While ultrasonic fat cavitation equipment use ultrasonic waves to heat the specific body part and reduce the fat, the cryolipolysis products offer a cooling effect to do the same.


But which one do you think is suitable for your body? Let us find it out by comparing the important specifications of these:

The Difference In The Working Method:


    As aforementioned, ultrasonic fat cavitation method uses ultrasound waves of about 40kHz which break the fat cell by heating them.


    Against this, cryolipolysis uses low temperature (ranging from +5 to -150C) which freezes the fat cells and removes them slowly.

    How You Feel During The Treatment:


      While you get the heat therapy to reduce your body fat, you do not experience any pain. In fact, it’s just a slight tingling effect that is felt on the body until the treatment head operates.


      In cryolipolysis, you experience a slight cold, followed by numb body part at the treatment area. The numb part recovers after a few hours.


      Both the heat and the cold are not harmful to the body.

      Rapidity Of The Results:


        In ultrasonic cavitation treatment, you may get to see results just after the first treatment session. If not, it shows clear results after the third or fourth session.


        Against this, cryolipolysis needs a significant period of time to show results.


        The Durability Of The Treatment:


          In ultrasonic treatment, the results may fade away after some time if you do not adhere to the diet and exercise guidelines. And to maintain these, you need to take regular sessions of the treatment.


          The results obtained out of cryolipolysis are more durable than its comparison counterpart and you need fewer sessions regularly to sustain the good results.


          The Operational Difference:


            In ultrasonic fat cavitation, the hand-piece needs to be moved over the desired body part manually, in order to decrease the fat.


            However, the hand-piece in cryolipolysis is just fixed over the targeted area for a stipulated period and removed after this.


            Your Personal Preference:


              Well, this may matter a great deal.


              According to a survey, most of the women prefer ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment as it offers faster outcomes. Against this, men generally love cryolipolysis treatment as the results obtained are more durable.


              For The Combined Benefits:


              Instead of choosing any one of the treatment, you can get both the ultrasonic fat cavitation and cryolipolysis to get faster results which are also quite durable.


              And while you can get the cryolipolysis sessions in your nearby treatment areas, you can order an ultrasonic fat cavitation machine online for your home uses and obtain the treatment in a hassle-free manner.


              So if you are looking to buy an ultrasonic fat cavitation equipment, get them at the most reasonable prices here at ‘Jeune Essentials’. Get high-quality equipment such as far infrared sauna blanket and radio frequency fat reduction equipment, and help yourself get the best health outcomes without any significant efforts..

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